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The Oriental Economist Report (TOE)
TOE editor Richard Katz

The Oriental Economist Report (TOE) 


The Oriental Economist Report (TOE) comes out monthly with deep analysis of Japanese politics, the economy and economic policies, as well as developments in Asia and the US affecting Japan and US-Asia ties. For those needing more timely and detailed analysis, we offer the semi-weekly TOE Alert.

TOE editor Richard Katz also serves as a New York correspondent and columnist for Japan’s Weekly Toyo Keizai, a leading business weekly. He has written two well-received books on the Japanese economy.

Chief Correspondent Takao Toshikawa is founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tokyo Insideline, a bi-weekly newsletter featuring the “inside information” Toshikawa gleans from his myriad contacts with Japan’s movers and shakers.

Contributing Editor Yoshisuke Iinuma is a former editor-in-chief of Weekly Toyo Keizai. His forte is evaluations of most important Japan’s political and sociological trends.

Buy the latest issues of The Oriental Economist Report (TOE)
We Are Currently on Sabbatical

Your briefing on Japan and US-Asia relations


Our editor, Richard Katz, is taking a sabbatical for at least 18 months to write a book on nurturing start-ups in Japan.

Consequently, we are interrupting publication of The Oriental Economist Report and TOE Alert for at least that amount of time.

We have temporarily disabled the "Cart" page to subscribe or to buy individual issues.

The last issue of the monthly TOE was published April 2017.  On the articles page, you can see the April lead, where we chart our "hits and misses" over the past 20 years. You can also see a reprint of our very first lead 20 years ago.

We will update the Articles page from time to time when we publish items elsewhere.